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About Us

 Fire Lube Oil India Pvt.Ltd. a name synonym to “Quality”

Today Fire Lube Oil India Pvt.Ltd. manufactures a wide range of high-end Automotive and Industrial lubricating Oils and Greases in India and supplies the products across the world through extraordinary major distributor’s network, With our rich experience in this competitive lubricant industry, we are competent to provide the high quality Lubricant and Greases to meet the various needs of our wide spread clientele.

Fire Lube Oil India Pvt.Ltd. specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of the entire range of Fire Lube branded Automotive and Industrial lubricants, Greases, Additives and various specialty products manufactured in the state of the art, Fire lube blending plant incorporating the most recent and advanced technology is situated in INDIA.

Fire Lube continuously strive to offer the highest quality products and services to meet the needs of our customers. We work with our customers in strong and long-lasting relationships built on trust and centered on a mutual interest in quality, productivity and profitability.

Mission & Vission

To stretch our wings to reach out to international markets, (as under Our Mission head), to produce quality greases and oils that can be used safely, to increase our presence to meet the global needs of products such as Food Grade Greases, Synthetic Greases, Poly-urea Greases and High-End Greases in the very near future, are some of the immediate aims of our company – Fire Lube Oil India Pvt.Ltd.

Quality & Environmental Objectives To maintain consistency in quality of products. To ensure that our product have all attributes of quality i.e. fitness for use, reliability & performance besides safety as per customer’s specifications.

  • To provide safe and clean working environment.
  • The process is subjected to continuous quality improvement.
  • To fulfill monthly production plan of our customer.
  • To maintain zero rejection rates by customer.
  • Prevention of pollution by preventive maintenance and control of processes.
  • Compliance with applicable statuary and regulatory requirements.
  • QMS/EMS Awareness Training to employees for four hours every six months.
  • To reduce wastage of 220 g Pouches from present 0.76% to 0.56% during packing.

Quality & Environmental Policy

Fire Lube Oil India Pvt.Ltd. engaged in Manufacturing, Packaging & Marketing of Automotive, Industrial and specialty Lubricating Greases is fully committed to achieve customer satisfaction, continual improvement and legislative/ regulatory compliance through effective implementation of Quality & Environmental management Systems.

We Shall Achieve this By:

  • Communicating customer requirements throughout the organization.
  • Establishing and reviewing demanding quality & environmental objectives and targets.
  • Communicating and explaining Quality & Environmental Policy to all employees.
  • Prevention of pollution and minimization of waste.
  • Reviewing Quality & Environmental Policy for continuing suitability and making it available to interested parties/public on demand.