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Firelube Ep 85W140 GL-5 Gear Oil

Firelube EP 85W140 GL-5 Gear Oil

Multigrade Rear Axel Oil, specially developed for new generation vehicles for use in heavy duty Rear Axels of Buses, Trucks, LCV’s, Tractor, Car etc. This is extreme pressure superior quality Gear Oil for manual transmission and heavily loaded Gear system.


  • Excellent rust, wear & corrosion protection
  • Permits operation across broad temperature range
  • Ultimate Gear protection under excessive loads
  • Excellent performance even in shock load conditions, Combats extreme pressure wear and corrosion
  • Geargard Super GL-5 provides ultimate gear protection as it exceeds the highest GL-5 performance level to take care of severe duty operations


Recommended for lubrication of  Gear boxes and reduction unit  working at high temperature and high load conditions.


Performance  API GL-5

Size – 1 ltr , 5 ltr , 10 ltr , 20 ltr , 50 ltr , 210 ltr .