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Disel Filter

Firelube Disel Filter

The purpose of a diesel filter is to protect the injection system on diesel vehicles, Diesel filters eliminate impurities present in the fuel in various ways:

Contamination during production, transport, stocking, repairs, etc.

Particles entering via the fuel tank ventilation system.

Contamination by dirt and oxidation in the fuel tanks or pipes.

Condense water in the fuel tank, due to changes in the temperature, These contaminants can plug the injection systems causing engine malfunction and deterioration, Diesel filters modules also fulfill other functions meeting the specific requirements of each application: fuel heating, pressure regulation, priming, water level detection, etc…

Task of the diesel filter:

Protection of the injection system and the engine against particles, water and other residue in the fuel.

Change the diesel filter regularly according to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications.Disel Filter