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Firelube WB Grease

WB Grease

Fire lube WB Grease is a high quality Lithium based used for automotive wheel bearing application, High quality Base stocks and high performance additive are used to manufacture it.


Firelube is a high performance lithium complex grease intended for use in ball or roller bearings operating at high speeds and high loads, or at temperatures beyond the limits of conventional lithium bearing greases.


Firelube Grease has been designed for use in a wide variety of applications, the excellent stability, load carrying and operating temperature characteristics make Firelube particularly suited for use in the wheel bearings of vehicles operating at high speeds or over long distances, or where prolonged heavy braking is likely to give higher than normal hub temperatures.


Reduced oil separation and resistance to hardening under pressure . Longer grease life at high pressures . Excellent thermal stability and wide operating temperature . Excellent wheel bearing grease . High load carrying capacity , Bearing wear reduced . Good water resistance and adhesion to metal surfaces  Will not wash out easily

Size – .500 gm , 1 kg , 2 kg , 3 kg , 5 kg , 7 kg , 18 kg .